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Interview with Haremlover, Part II

 If you're part of The Doll Forum then you're definitely aware of Doll Visionary (i.e. top tier member) Haremlover. Like many people of the TDF community, he has been incredibly supportive of UFDolls and has helped us thoroughly understand how to best serve the community. After getting to know him for so long, we wanted to show gratitude by spotlighting this well-respected member and learning what it's like in the life of a legendary doll aficionado. 

Catch up on what you missed from Part I of this interview!

  1. How did you come to be known as the top level “Doll God” on TDF?

This is simply an accolade according to number of posts one makes to the forum. I think my status has gone beyond, now as "Doll Visionary"

  1. Where do you see this kind of community headed in the future?

I think that it's going to be more popular as relationships with the opposite sex become more complicated and are potentially based more on platonic levels.

  1. What are your thoughts on the new “doll brothels” that have been coming out?

A great idea. Reducing prostitution is a good thing for reducing people trafficking and exploitation. But I wish that, from photos I've seen, the brothel keepers paid more attention to posing dolls, posing them as real people rather than merely as objects to be fucked.

  1. What do you think about “sex robots”?

Many people like dolls for company rather than sex. Artificial Intelligence can set up conversational relationships, but this is bad for the imagination. The unspeaking doll works on thought levels rather than spoken levels, which provides for a much more active, mindful experience with the doll. You think of what you can do for the doll as a person rather than a passive experience of what the robot can provide for you. However, programmed in certain ways, the robot figure could be very stimulating to the minds of old people in care homes and of great benefit to people whose lives are disabled from natural experiences.

  1. Do you keep this hobby private? How has it impacted your personal relationships?

I often introduce other people to my ladies and have contributed to a TV documentary, but my wife does not want my real name to be associated publicly with dolls in any way.

  1. If your doll hobby is kept private, how do you navigate instances when someone who doesn’t already know “finds out”? 

I'm quite open with other people about my dolls, and especially photographers wanting photo models.

  1. What aspects of your life have improved/are enhanced thanks to your dolls?

Not being lonely when my wife's not around. Not being star-struck by other women from time to time for the wrong reasons. And because I have dolls that satisfy fantasy areas of life, my wife knows that I won't be looking at other women, and as a result I am freer to have friendships or work with women without my wife having worries about her husband.

  1. What skills have you developed through your doll hobby? (i.e. photography, composition, etc.)

Story writing. I'm not a cartoonist nor an artist, but the doll who wants to tell her story requires that you look at life through the eyes of a doll. 

  1. Are there any negatives to this hobby or any regrets you have?

Quite the reverse.

  1. What does your life look like outside of dolls?

Spread thinly between many things, hobbies, interests, and business. Dolls are a wonderful "other world" and that's a release and a therapy.

  1. How do you maintain balance between fantasy and reality?

The doll is a toy and with a toy you enter a world of play. That is a conscious unreality. 

  1. How long have you been married? Did you meet before or after developing your interest in dolls?

Nearly 30 years. My grandmother collected the sort of dolls that women of a certain age collect. A friend of my late mother collected dolls. I never really understood why. But now my dolls are bigger and much more lifelike and interesting than any that my grandmother use to collect. :-) 

  1. What is your wife’s perspective on dolls?

Toleration. Fine as long as she doesn't see them.

  1. Does your passion for collecting span any other interests besides dolls?

Unfortunately, yes. Large things too, so space is at a premium. But some men collect cars. They're much bigger and much more expensive. 

  1. What do you think it will take for dolls to be accepted in the mainstream?

The social benefits of putting fantasy and sexual amusement into a compartment labelled "dolls" rather than looking at women for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, there are many women nowadays who treat men so badly that men are very pleased to have a doll rather than a demanding self-centered troll in the house. Men I know in such marriages are most envious of my toy ladies.


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