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Interview with Haremlover, Part I

If you're part of The Doll Forum then you're definitely aware of Doll Visionary (i.e. top tier member) Haremlover. Like many people of the TDF community, he has been incredibly supportive of UFDolls and has helped us thoroughly understand how to best serve the community. After getting to know him for so long, we wanted to show gratitude by spotlighting this well-respected member and learning what it's like in the life of a legendary doll aficianado. 
  1. How long have you been collecting dolls?

I started with inflatables probably around 15 years ago, but solid dolls have been fun in my life for the past 5. They look so real, they fool you! 

  1. How and why did you get into dolls?

Being a male of course I'm attracted to the female form. But once one beholds a solid doll before you, she takes life. You then start asking her what she'd like to do after such a long journey. "Brush up and have breakfast" of course, and she'll start to tell you what she likes and how she likes to look.

  1. How much have you invested over the years? What is your collection worth?

Um... I'd rather let my wife keep guessing. The trouble with dolls is that they breed in the cupboard when you're not looking.

  1. List your dolls and why you chose each one.

 My first were silicone dolls, Aira and Chloé, both bought from other members of the forums. Then another silicone lady told me she wanted to join us, Thera, looking exotically Asian, and after that I became a soft touch for stray dolls seeking asylum. Chloé helped to write a book (look up "Chloé" by "Haremlover" on Amazon and you might find it). Then there's Rose, who wanted to help an art student friend. Rose took us on adventures as she got fed up of housework at home and decided she wanted a job in town. This involved photoshoots at a railway station, a bus stop, and then in a shop where she got the job of Mannequin for the afternoon. Doing photoshoots is a real laugh and a great excuse for fun with friends. Some dolls are the most wonderful fashion models whilst others have nothing in mind beyond being porn stars. The Pipedream ladies are particularly spectacular figures and their latest face, Bianca, is one of the most convincing of all faces made as dolls.

  1. How do you determine your dolls’ names and personalities?

I'm horribly unimaginative and have retained previous owners' names or stuck with manufacturers'. It takes away confusion when people ask who one's doll is. 

  1. How would you describe your attraction/relationship to dolls?

It varies. A doll can take up different personalities in different contexts. I like photographing dolls as people and that's really fun. When my wife's away I like a doll to sleep next to in bed as I've been married so long that being without my wife is really disturbing; I don't like sleeping alone. 

  1. Are your relationships to dolls different between each one?

Some dolls are wonderful fashion models, photo models, and others have difficulty getting out of bed.

  1. How do you come up with themes or ideas for photo shoots? Any particular inspirations? 

It depends on weather, or if something interesting's going on, all sorts of things. Recently I was so frustrated in my wife thinking that my amusement with dolls was sexually orientated that I acquired a man doll. A female doll, as far as she's concerned, is always a sex doll. But as my wife's not embarrassed about a man doll being in the open, he is starting to be able to do things photographically around the place even when my wife's at home.

  1. Where are your favorite places to purchase clothing and accessories for your dolls?

I'm rather mean on my ladies' wardrobe and get the cheapest clothes on eBay or amazon or charity shops.

  1. Where and how do you store your dolls?

My dolls have taken over a spare room. Dolls that stand rather than requiring reclining space are very much easier to cope with.

  1. Any tricks you use to keep your dolls in great condition?

One powders them occasionally with talc. They don't need much maintenance, but they do require care. Bent fingers tend to get more and more bent in more random directions, so trying not to bend them and putting them back in natural positions is part of the secret.

  1. Can you tell us about the recycling program you’ve mentioned before?

I haven't succeeded yet in setting up a recycling project myself, but I am trying to encourage vendors and manufacturers to take TPE back to melt down for other products. This has to be part of a sustainable industry.

  1. What is your relationship to the doll community? Are there any doll conventions or meet-ups beyond TDF? 

I'm simply an enthusiastic member. There is a UK based meeting organized by members of the UK forum each year in the autumn.

  1. Do you have local friends who are collectors as well?

Sometimes I meet up with others but often their interest is shorter lived. 


Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!


Until then, enjoy these photos of our girl Kitty shot by Haremlover himself! 
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