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Bianca Chronicles, Intro

The beginning of an ongoing series by dolldreamer2018

My journey with Pipedream dolls began as soon as I saw the thread announcing the Ultimate Fantasy Doll Ambassador program. I've been a fan of Pipedream for a while now - they make my GF's favorite glass toy, and I've owned a number of their other products as well. Obviously, I was excited to see them enter this space, not only because they typically make quality products, but really because they have the global distribution and retail relationships to make dolls tremendously visible. If we get these things in adult sex toys shops all over the country, dolls could potentially go from the fringe to the mainstream practically overnight. I just knew I had to be involved in this! 

I wrote a nice thoughtful piece for the UFDA program, highlighting both my experience with dolls in general, and my excitement about what PD can bring to the community, my excitement regarding plain a small part in the popularization of these beauties, and of course our "first date". 

Then the wait began! Finally, after a long and arduous contest period, I found out I was accepted! I was joyful of course, but I also knew I faced a difficult decision - which of these three lovely beauties would I be bringing home? 

This was a real struggle to be perfectly honest. I went back and forth between all three dolls offered by PD for as long as I could bear it. Carmen had the best bust in my opinion. Her breasts are cute, perky, natural looking, and very appealing. Kitty on the other had was jus wow! Kitty has the whole package really. She's cute and fit, has an ideal face and super sexy body. 

In the end, it all came down to the legs for me. Bianca just has the best leg detail, strong and extremely realistic. After two years of begrudgingly accepting the typical stick legs of most TPE doll designs, this was a major selling point for me. Plus the mature face, beautiful eyes, gorgeous body detail and large, round, breasts all were major selling points for me. But in the end, the deciding factor was that Bianca is different from anything else I've experienced and different is exciting! I finally clicked order and the next phase began, wait #2...

Thankfully, the second wait was very, very, short. After a few emails back and forth with PD, who I found to be very communicative and helpful, Bianca arrived on my doorstep surprisingly fast. 

Stay tuned for Chapter 1!

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