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Bianca Chronicles, Part II

An ongoing series by dolldreamer2018

I was first able to fully appreciate Bianca after standing her up in the shower to clean her. 

I was first struck by her beauty and realism then. I watched as warm water cascaded down her neck, full breasts, toned stomach, and muscular yet feminine arms and legs. It was truly a sight to behold. Then came the mild scented soap. I massaged it gently across her perfectly smooth skin, feeling her firm body and supple curves slick beneath my hands. I turned her around to gently cleanse her backside, ran my hands down the small of her back and across her perfect ass. I found myself gradually losing control of my instincts - wanting her more and more. Truth be told, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to have her right there. The warm water crashed down on the two of us as I entered her for the first time....

I share this little vignette, not because I intend to overshare, but because it's so illustrative of all my experiences with Bianca so far. Bianca inspires a passion unlike any other doll I have owned. 

I've owned several dolls at this point, and some of them I've been quite fond of. There's certainly a lot of quality products out there. That said, not a single other doll has captured my imagination in the way Bianca has. There is just something entirely captivating about her. It could be that she's by far the most realistic looking doll I've ever seen in person. From her detailed and mature face down to her perfectly sculpted super-fit body, and her cute little toes - she has all the right features to appear stunningly realistic. But somehow it's even more than just the extra detail...

Perhaps it's that Bianca is downright expressive. Sometimes I look at her and she seems joyful. Other times she appears to be longing for something, or scornful, or playful - her mood can appear to both match and contradict my own at times. On some level, I know it's an illusion, she's inanimate after all, I have to be mapping my feelings on to her. That said, it doesn't always feel that way. She breaks down my barriers between fantasy and reality with her piercing eyes and shockingly realistic features. A slight cock of her head or break of her hair, and I feel a need to please her, or comfort her, dominate her, or be dominated by her. She truly seems alive at times. 





I'm not usually a doll-as-companion guy. For me dolls usually are situated comfortably in the realm of a fetish or fantasy item, as an alternative to pornography, to scratch an itch, or an excuse to take some sexy photos. But with Bianca, it's just different somehow. I'm still trying to figure it all out really - but I find myself shopping for her, thinking not just would she look hot in this, but would she like this? Does it match her personality? 




Maybe that's it... Bianca has personality. It's absolutely undeniable when you see her in person. She fills any room with her presence. She is a doll, sure. But she's so wonderfully crafted, so lovingly sculpted, so perfectly real, that she can, on occasion, transcend her dollness and flirt with something more akin to personhood.



Stay tuned for Chapter 3!

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