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Bianca Chronicles, Part I

An ongoing series by dolldreamer2018

Now begins the more traditional style review beginning with the arrival and unboxing of my Bianca! 

She came by surprise one morning - just a few days after the order was placed. Her box is massive (157 x 40 x 33 cm), weighing at least 100 pounds. I struggled to get her up the stairs and into my room. Winded and a little bruised, I couldn't wait to get her out of her box. Still panting, I grabbed a boxcutter and went to work.

I carefully cut the tape and opened the top flaps to find this very nice instruction booklet in the box:


Bianca was expertly packed and hadn't shifted an inch in her (relatively short) trip to me. I couldn't help but note how thoughtful the package design was. As discrete as possible on the outside and professionally and carefully packed on the inside. The foam cutouts, foam sheets, and cotton blankets had done a lovely job holding her where she would be safest and most secure.


As you can see, she traveled in style, comfy cozy in the midst of some very well done packaging.


Once out of the box, with a big brave lift - I was finally able to take in her excellent body, which arrived without a single flaw. Gorgeous! 


I had to get her assembled ASAP! Her head screwed on easily with a standard sized bolt, her wig went on without incident, and I sat her up for her very first picture.


My first impressions of Bianca were overwhelmingly positive. The packaging was excellent, her body and head, flawless. Her scent was strong, but not overpowering - reminded me of the back room my favorite sex shop where Pipedream Extreme products are prominently featured - I guess the smell of Fanta Flesh is unmistakable! 

In addition, her factory makeup was by far the best I've seen. Little details are abundant around her eyes, lips, nipples, labia, etc. All beautifully done with professional quality makeup. 

The extras included in the box were nice too - I've already mentioned the instruction manual, which, I'll say again, is nicely put together. She also came with a few bottles of Pipedream branded cleaners and refreshing powders, a USB heater, an extra insert, and some basic lingerie. All of the goodies were quite nice to see included and significantly contributed to the feeling of value that permeated the unboxing experience from start to finish. Granted, I did not pay full price for this doll, but if I had, I still think that I would have felt like I got my money's worth straight away. Bianca is definitely a premium product, and it's the little things like this that really demonstrate her value. 

After I took her first photo - it was off to the shower for a thorough cleaning. She came clean and powdered, but it's a tradition at this point, and something I enjoy doing so why not! 

Bianca is my first standing-foot doll and I'll never go back to the non-standing option. Bianca stands exceptionally well with one additional point of contact. This makes moving, storing, cleaning, dressing, and other tasks, very convenient. It's a must-have on a doll of this size and weight! Plus she looks great standing up.

I also noticed that the her skeleton is nearly perfect. She features stainless steel construction for that no-worry shower, and while the joints were often tight, they moved quite well as soon as I found the proper movement points and direction. The only noisy bit is her neck, which tends to let out little creaks here and there when it's being manipulated.

Sorry folks, but I didn't take any shower pics... I was definitely planning on it, but as I was lathering a mild scented soap across her flawless, tall, athletic yet voluptuous body, my excitement got the better of me - and I experienced her for the first time from behind in the shower.... An erotic experience to be sure, but I'll save my thoughts on that for a subsequent chapter. 

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

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