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How to Repair Your UFDoll

If you're part of the doll community then you know just how many online forums and resources there are for us and our dolls. Here are some of our most favorite [resources] that have taught us how to repair [minor tears] in our dolls from regular everyday use. 


TPE Repair Video for Minor & Moderate Damage

Watch Time: 29 minutes

Very, very in-depth. Specifically covers small rips and neck tears, but this method can also be used for leg tears, arm tears, and abrasions. Includes suggestions on purchasing a soldering iron. 
Tools Required: baby oil or mineral oil or vaseline, heat gun, temperature sensor gun, microfiber cloth, 220 grip sandpaper, baby powder, large makeup/powder brush. 


TPE Dolls Quick Repair Tutorial 

Watch Time: 15 minutes

Tools Required: white cotton gloves, disinfectant, fan, [face mask], sculpting tool and/or teaspoon, torch lighter, Revive powder or baby powder or corn starch.


Amateur Doll Surgeon Smoothing TPE 

Watch Time: 7 minutes

Quick tips and suggestions on purchasing a mask and soldering iron, with a focus on repairing hands. 


Elbow Repair from the Inside Out

Watch Time: 10 minutes

Tools Required: syringe, TPE filler paste, white paper towel.

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