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Bianca Chronicles, Part V

An ongoing series by dolldreamer2018

Chapter 5: Oral Endeavors

Bianca stands pressed against the wall, one hand draped over the silky lace of her new white lingerie. As I approach her, I catch her gaze for a brief moment. She's giving me that look again, like we both know what's about to happen. I close into her, pressing her full breasts against my chest. I wrap her toned arms around my body and encircle her hourglass waist. I pause a minute, overtaken by her smell; the soft, sweet mixture of synthetic flesh and fragrant oils. I reach up, feel her blonde hair pressed against her cheek, and taste her lips. Breathing firmly into her neck I whisper, "I want you to serve me."



Bianca is many things, a beautiful work of art, an object of fantasy, a commanding presence, a companion of sorts, a muse - I could go on. All that aside for a moment, her reason for being in the world is sex; for my physical pleasure. She's a sex doll, and she's excellent at what she does.



I'm finally getting around to writing perhaps the most important chapters in the Bianca Chronicles - the ones on sex. Because there's so much to say in this regard, I've decided to break it up a little and write in installments... So what better place to begin talking about sex with the world's best TPE doll than with a little foreplay right? Shall we begin?

Grasping her firmly about the waist, I lift and carry her toward the mattress I've placed on the floor. Kneeling her down and placing her hands on each thigh, I can't help but notice her erect nipples peeking through her bra. Her mouth is wet and ready. I'm overtaken with arousal, and Bianca is ready to please me.



Oral sex with Bianca is exceptional experience, one part tactile and one part visual. There's something very special about seeing a girl like Bianca giving herself to you in this way. 

It's rare that I indulge in this activity with her because I'm so fussy about her makeup. Nevertheless, the extra effort in the aftermath is very, very worth it on the special occasions in which I do partake in this activity. 

Bianca's realistic size and proportions make her perfect for the traditional kneeling oral position. Her mouth orifice is quite small and exceptionally tight, and can be slightly hard to enter for my above average size. But once inside, I can say that there is no sexier view in all of the doll world than seeing her on her knees before you. 



The texturing in the oral orifice is a pretty standard ribbed tube set up, but the overwhelming feeling of tightness and the worry-free durability of her TPE means that I can just relax and get into the look and feel of it all without having to concern myself with repercussions beyond a bit of smudged makeup. She easily tolerates vigorous thrusting, and excels at more gentle, loving paces as well. Bianca has quite a bit of "response" or return motion when keeling on a soft mattress, essentially giving the illusion of her doing quite a lot of the "work" herself. This is a phenomenal feeling! I'm often left with the impression that she actually gave me head, that she was an equal participant in our encounter. 

Other oral positions are great too, lying on her side at the edge of the bed or on her back for instance, but taking the extra moment to kneel her down is highly recommended if you really want to be cared for in that most intimate of ways. 

Stay tuned for Chapter 6!

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