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Bianca Chronicles, Part III

An ongoing series by dolldreamer2018

Chapter 3: Shopping Spree!

Finally I'm back home - and gearing up for Bianca's first real photoset buy doing one of my favorite doll-related activities - shopping for sexy clothes or luxury sex toys or even a two pronged vibrator. I bought a few items while I was away already, but unfortunately Amazon sent some useless hair extension instead of the proper wig I ordered, and the lingerie set didn't fit well since it was a set in a asian medium. About right actually in the panties, but comically small up top! I also got her a great new dress however, that should look very nice in photos! 

I'll say that shopping for Bianca is great fun since she looks so good in just about everything and can wear actual adult sizes. I will say however, that it's not without challenges. My ultimate goal is to find a proper bra for her, but her "Ultimate Fantasy Proportions" mean it's not easy to do! You can't just go down to Vicky's and buy whatever. You really need something special.

I've measured her at a 28 band size and a 36 bust, meaning she should wear a 28 H in US standard sizes. I'll keep hunting until I find just the right piece. If I had more spare cash, I'd have ordered a few already, but I have to keep the cost down for now, so it has to be perfect. Bianca deserves the best! 

Until then, I'm thinking bodystockings are the way to go. They're very low cost options that fit most all dolls really well, and can be found in a stress-and-stain free white, which also happens to be my favorite color on her beautifully tanned skin. 

Then again, modifying pieces to fit Bianca's ample curves is also an option. I learned early on in my time as a doll enthusiast that a well-placed pin or a tie can make all the difference in terms of fit. This old teddy I had lying around looks great on her without modification, though a simple white satin tie makes the fit absolutely phenomenal.



 These aren't the greatest photos, just some quick test shots, but you get the idea! 

As a final note, I'll end by saying that Bianca is the kind of girl that inspires. She's so full of character that my typical routine of playing dress up with a doll as a prelude to other activities just isn't enough. She demands a wardrobe that matches her personality, that brings out what makes her special and unique in a world full of TPE dolls. If you're considering a Bianca of your own, be warned: she very well may become your next obsession...

Stay tuned for Chapter 4!

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