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5 Easy Steps for Unboxing Your UFDoll

1. Get help. 

Our girls are just as heavy as a real girl! In order to be sure that she’s removed from the box without harm, plan ahead of time to have a friend assist you. When first removing the body, it’s best to lie her on a soft flat surface, like a bed, for initial inspection. It’s safest to lie her on a white sheet to avoid staining.

2. Avoid sharp objects.

First, try opening the box by tearing the tape off instead of cutting it. We’ve heard of some very unfortunate events in which a doll was sliced due to aggressive box cutting, so if you must use a box cutter or knife, do so very slowly and carefully.

3. Always use protection!

…and not in the way that you’d think! When removing your doll from the box, make sure you first locate the included white cotton gloves. Wear them when removing her (and maybe even when posing her in the future) to minimize the risk of flaws.

4. Get legit. 

Register your doll immediately reception at This ensures that you’re in our system should you have any issues or concerns and helps us provide the most efficient customer service and assistance.

5. Check her out! 

In order to maintain a valid return, you must inspect your doll and report any defects or mistakes to within 48 hours of receiving her.


kittyunboxing_1 from DollPimp2018 on Vimeo.


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