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Hi There, I'm Mandy! I grew up in Canada but just started my freshman year of college in Southern California. Life in a dorm can be a little cramped so I try to get out and stay busy as much as possible. Outside of classes, I keep myself occupied by going to the gym, hanging with my sorority sisters and going on hikes. I pretty much live in a sports bra and yoga pants!
I’m definitely a girly girl, but I also love sports—so cheerleading seemed like a great fit for me. I really love cheering at games and dancing during halftime. It turns me on to look into the crowd to see who’s watching me as I do backflips and then go right into the splits. What’s special about me is that I can do the splits both horizontally and vertically.
Being petite means that I also get to be a flyer on my all-girl cheer team. It’s so much fun to be tossed up in the air and feel my skirt fly up so that my cheer briefs show. I know I’m supposed to wear panties under them, but feeling the wind hit my lips as I come down is so invigorating! Plus, it’s fun to tease the girls catching me as they get a sneak peek of my tight little pussy. I make sure to get a full Brazilian wax each week so that it’s always nice and smooth.
I love to keep fit and one of my all-time favorite workouts is spin class! Everything about it gets me going. The music, the energy and even the pheromones that fill the room. Between you and me, my favorite part about spin is the bike seats. When I get into class and the lights are turned down low, the music sort of takes over and before I know it, I find myself grinding my bike seat back and forth. I love the thrill of possibly being caught. After a good ride, I like to hop in the shower where I finish myself off two or three times. I always imagine someone sneaking into the shower with me for some great oral sex. Nothing beats giving a blow job as warm water falls all over your body. Sometimes I get so caught up in the moment that I end up being late to class.
Speaking of class...I gotta go! See you soon.

Movable from head to toe right down to her fingertips! Pipedream Products’ Ultimate Fantasy Dolls are carefully created to fulfill fantasies and inspire intimate pleasure on all levels. With true lifelike attention to detail and super-soft Fanta Flesh skin, Ultimate Fantasy Dolls will make all of your dreams come true!
Mandy’s super-fit body was built for fucking–her tight abs, shrugging shoulders and flexible frame allow her to bend and contort her figure in ways no ordinary college coed could ever pull off!
64 in. - (166 cm)
Anal Insertion Length:
5 in. - (12.7 cm)
Oral Insertion Length:
5 in. - (12.7 cm)
Weight: 72 lbs. - (33 kgs)
Package Depth:
12 in. - (30 cm)
Package Width:
61.5 in. - (156 cm)
Package Height:
16.5 in. - (42 cm)
Packaged Weight:
90 lbs. - (40.6 kg)


What's In The Box?

Below is a list of all of the accessories included with your doll: 

  • (1) 4 oz. Moist Body Lotion
  • (1) 4 oz. Refresh Toy Cleaner
  • (2) 1.05 oz. Fanta Flesh Revive Renewal Powder
  • (1) Cleansing Irrigator
  • (1) USB Heating Wand
  • (1) Lingerie Set
  • (1) Pair of White Cotton Gloves
  • (2) TPE Vaginal Inserts/Masturbation Sleeves (1 already inserted)
  • (1) TPE Material Strip (repair/modifications)
  • (1) Set of Replacement Press-On Nails
  • (1) Care and Usage Guide Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian

Caress Mandy’s lush honey-blonde hair and be seduced by her stunning amber eyes. Open her tender lips to experience the ultimate oral fantasy, or wrap her dainty, posable fingers and painted fingernails around your thick pleasure rod. Her soft, perky breasts are waiting for a titty fuck, while her perfect ass is pleasantly snug and willing to please. Mandy is incredibly sexy, from her tightly-toned abs to her fuckable feet that are sure to please foot fetish enthusiasts! 

Standing at 5'4"(166cm), Mandy is sure to fulfill your every fantasy with her mesmerizing eyes, supple lips, shruggable shoulders, posable joints, and irresistibly cute face!

Her entire body is supported by a super-strong stainless steel skeleton that features moveable and bendable joints just like a real woman! Pose her in any position you can think of, dress her in your favorite lingerie or bikini, spray your favorite perfume over your favorite outfit, and make sure to send in photos showing us just how beautiful she really is! Mandy is all yours to enjoy and ready to fulfill all of your Ultimate Fantasies!

PLEASE NOTE: Each Ultimate Fantasy Doll comes in an unmarked box with only the item number on the outside (no retail packaging).  Box dimensions are 162” x 38” x 28” (411cm x 97cm x 71cm). Complete packaged weight: 90 lbs (40.6 kg).




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